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Oggi New City Initiative rappresenta 49 societa’ di gestione indipendenti con sede nel Regno Unito e nel resto d’Europa, che gestiscono complessivamente circa €550 miliardi e impiegano in totale alcune migliaia di persone.

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19 Nov 2013
Les Echos: Les gérants entrepreneurs francais gagnent en visibilité et en reconnaissance
15 Sep 2013
FTfm: Fund managers must ‘eat their own cooking’
8 Sep 2013
IFA Online: MPs to conduct spring review into RDR
4 Sep 2013
FT Adviser: Garnier - No RDR review agreed, but we’d still like to do it
1 Sep 2013
Financial News: The Odey way is exits
31 Aug 2013
Guardian: Former Iceland man unveils plans to defrost UK retail
27 Aug 2013
Today programme: Magnus Spence discusses better alignment in the financial services industry
27 Aug 2013
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27 Aug 2013
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25 Aug 2013
CNBC News: Daniel Pinto - Key decision makers must invest alongside clients
6 Jul 2013
The Independent: Fund manager group in fresh fight with EU
3 Jul 2013
CityWire: 'Sledgehammer' fund manager pay cap ditched by Brussels
16 Jun 2013
Financial Times: The fund industry needs a cultural revolution - Dominic Johnson
12 May 2013
Financial Times: Dominic Johnson: Fund industry needs more carrots than sticks
14 Apr 2013
Le Monde : Le "square mile" ne tourne pas rond
28 Nov 2012
Evening Standard Make apprenticeships work
8 Nov 2012
Citywire: John Kay: FSA’s legalistic approach is not working
3 Nov 2012
The Times: Fund charges: necessary evil?
7 Jun 2012
The Independent: Daniel Pinto: If it's your money at stake, you don't gamble
2 May 2012
L’Agefi Hebdo: La finance a un visage à Paris
20 Nov 2011
Daily Telegraph: Avalanche of new FSA rules to cost businesses £1.4bn a year
1 Nov 2011
NCI awarded inaugural “City Champion Award” at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards
6 Aug 2011
The Independent: NEDs need risk reports, says think-tank
17 Jun 2011
City Wire: Wealth management heavyweights join forces to champion small firms
8 May 2011 Small business paid internship plea
2 Apr 2011
The Sunday Telegraph: We should remember what made the City great - and return to those values.
1 Apr 2011
The Saturday Telegraph: A return to an old-fashioned, client-centric culture will ensure the City’s future.
16 Dec 2010
CityWire: Odey, Pinto and Lord Iveagh back think-tank to fight bonus rules
16 Dec 2010
Spears Magazine (Winter Addition): Eat your cooking
12 Dec 2010
The Telegraph: City bonus rules to be watered down for small firms
6 Dec 2010
Financial Times: Face to face with Daniel Pinto: Defender of the entrepreneurial spirit wants to mend the system.
8 Nov 2010 UK Wealth Management Group Sets Out Need For Reform, Meets Government
22 Sep 2010
The Times: City aims for transparency
28 Aug 2010
Mail on Sunday: Fund Managers lobby Cable for rules against risk-taking
28 Aug 2010
The Sunday Telegraph: City pushes for more disclosure
28 Aug 2010
The Independent: City disclosure proposals
18 Jul 2010
The Wealth Net
14 May 2010
Financial Times: Big fightback starts to restore clients' trust
14 May 2010
Financial Times: Managers group aims to improve standards
9 May 2010
Evening Standard: The City does have a better side, honestly
6 May 2010
Mail on Sunday: Stanhope crusades to restore faith in advice